Q. Who can anyone register on Fête Central?

A. Anyone who is a stallholder that attends events such as fêtes or markets.

Q. Are my details kept private?

A. Yes, we do not share our information with anyone and we will not sell the information to a third party. When you register your interest with an event on our website, that  information is only passed on to the organisers of the event. They then control what they do with the information. Fête Central takes no responsibility for what happens to information once it is passed on to the event organisers, but we only provide this registration service to reputable events.

Q. Can we employ Fête Central to take registrations for our event?

A. Yes. We would be happy to discuss this with you further.

Q. Do I need to register on Fête Central first?

A. We recommend that you sign up wth Fête Central first. When you then login with Fête Central all the details you entered will then populate the fields in the registration form. We are planning on adding other events to Fête Central, so it will save you time in the long run

 Q. I registered with Fête Central prior to 2015 and I can't log in now. What do I do?

A. This is a whole new website. Please sign up with Fête Central again.